Lightweight, simple, modern and customizable lightbox to showcase your images.

No dependencies

Litebox doesn't depend on any third-party scripts like jQuery. Include one script and you're good to go.


Compressed and minified, the script only weights around 12 KB, which makes it load quickly into your website.


You can customize the behaviour and look with various options, so it adapts to your needs.

Cross-browser support

Being compiled into ES5 using Babel, Litebox is works in all modern browsers, even Internet Explorer 11.

Easy installation

In a hurry? Just throw the script at your HTML and use the default options and styles which are neutral.

Free & Open Source

Litebox is completely free and will always be. Its source code is also available on GitHub.

Photo by Mark Harpur on Unsplash

Live Demo

Want to get a quick look before getting started? Go ahead, click the image to your left to see Litebox in action.

More examples can be found in the demo page.

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